An order must be made and paid not later than 12 hours before the time of the delivery.

In case of the delivering before 12 hour you must take express delivery.

We also perform delivery in Estonia if there is a prior arrangement. Delivery is performed on working days from 14.00 till19.00.

If You want us to fulfill Your order properly, please, be very careful when indicating recipient's telephone number and address.

If the recipient is not at home at the time of the delivery we have the right to leave the order with the neighbors or if they refuse to accept the order we return the order to the original place and the next delivery is performed in accordance with our agreement with the customer. Unfortunately, in this situation the delivery can not be performed in time.

If the customer doesn't wish the card his personal data are confidential. The gift is delivered anonymously.

Note that if You make an order on the day of the delivery the chosen flowers can be unavailable. Then the florist has the right to pick the other flower according to the color grade or to use the chosen sort of the flower but changing the color grade.

The shop doesn't take responsibility if You

1. fail to enter the correct address and phone number, if  the recipient doesn't live at the entered address or the phone number changed and the delivery cannot be performed.

2. if the entered address is out of town and the payment was made for the delivery within the town You will be informed and offered to pay extra. If you turn down the delivery will be performed but with some complications.

Canceling your order

If you want to cancel Your order You may do it not later than 24 hours before the delivery time.

If Your cancel later it will not be possible to refund full amount.

If make an individual order but not choosing from our site the order cannot be cancelled because such order is prepaid by the deposit and the rest of the sum is paid 3 days before the delivery. In case of the canceling the deposit is not returned.

In accordance with Consumer Protection Board Regulation from 26.04.12 nr.1-1/12-019  perishable goods, such as flowers, are not the subject to 14-day refund(§ 53 lg 4.2)